Teen Group Surf



AGES 12-15. All skill levels are welcome in this class

You Need

You Need

To come in a bathing suit and bring a towel, sunscreen and a light snack and drink. All participants should know how to swim

We Supply

We Supply

All you need to surf, including a wetsuit and surfboard



We alternate each week's daily group surf to go with the tide. Please click the day you are interested in on our calendar to view times. The summer 2021 schedule will be on the site in March 2021

Arrival Info

Arrival Info

Please arrive on the beach 15 minutes before the start. Advanced registration is required—you cannot show up on the beach to take class



Spring Lake, Lavallette, and Seaside Park

Whether your teen is a beginner, intermediate or more advanced surfer, this 3-hour class can be customized accordingly.  New surfers will do a brief tutorial on the sand before heading into the water while more veteran groms will head immediately into the ocean after a short warm up. Next, the group is broken up and assigned to various instructors (with a guaranteed 4:1 ratio however we are often at 3:1) so that we are always providing customized instruction. As long as weather and surf conditions cooperate, we will only take a short break. If for any reason that is not possible and we need to spend time on the sand, we then use it as a way to practice exercise drills that can help with strength and balance while surfing, or even ‘games’ that help students get more comfortable in the ocean. In addition, if there are small waves, we may do paddling drills and in water games. If the surf is large, but still safe to have class, we may take surfers into the water 1 or 2 at a time. The Teen Group Surf class occurs at the same time as the Kid Group Surf Class. We will break the Teens and Kids into separate groups in the ocean, however, they may intertwine in the ocean because of the nature of surfing being in an open environment and depending on the conditions, we may have only a small surfing area. If instructors feel it is necessary to combine the Kid/Teen Group Surf Class for safety, they will do so.


  • If you have your own board or wetsuit, you are welcome to use them. Only Advanced Surfers can use a hard board for the other children’s safety.
  • At our Spring Lake and Lavallette locations, we have this class Monday-Saturday. HSS student(s) as well as parents/guardians do NOT need a beach badge to access the beach during the 3-hour Group Surf.
  • At our Seaside Park location, we have this class Monday-Friday and some Saturdays. HSS can provide a beach badge for the HSS student(s) plus one parent or guardian during the 3-Hour Group Surf. Additional guests must purchase a daily beach badge.
  • Advanced registration is required. Please click Sign Up below to log into your account or create an account and book a Teen Group Surf class.
  • If you would like to know the forecasted ocean conditions, please call or email us the day before your teen’s scheduled lesson.
  • We have a 12-hour cancellation policy for all group classes. Which means you must log into each child’s account and press Early Cancel in their schedule to get the class back into your account prior to 12 hours before the start of the class. See FAQ for more information.
  • We are located on the beach at Remsen Avenue in Spring Lake; 5th Avenue in Seaside Park; Brown Avenue in Lavallette. Click the location boxes below for a Google Map pin to open up and bring you right to us!
  • 1/3/5 packs expire the same summer you purchase them and are for individual students only; however 6 packs and higher are valid for 18 months from purchase so they do extend into the next summer and are okay for siblings to share (not friends or extended family.)
  • We don’t require you to book any Teen Group Surf classes consecutively. Think of it like buying ‘credits’ that go into your child’s account for you to log in and book as your schedule permits. Download our new app to easily book Group Classes for single students or multiple siblings.




Group Classes resume JUNE 2021

Class Schedule




1 Teen Group Surf Class


3 Teen Group Surf Classes


5 Teen Group Surf Classes


6 Teen Group Surf Classes*


10 Teen Group Surf Classes*


15 Teen Group Surf Classes*


20 Teen Group Surf Classes*

*Only for siblings to share.
All other packages are for individual students only.

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