Hammer Surf Team

Sam Hammer started Hammer Surf Team in 2016 to coach and mentor young surfers. He uses his elite background and competitive knowledge to transform their surfing. From correcting bad habits to mastering new skills and learning contest and heat strategy, your child’s surfing will benefit greatly, while enjoying water time alongside other young surfers with a wide range of skill levels. Sam is able to offer unparalleled personalized coaching in a fun group setting.



  • Each season (fall, spring and summer and winter) a new Hammer Surf Team program will begin. In fall, spring and summer Hammer Surf Team will meet for 2 practices per week for 8 weeks (16 practices total). Practices are 1 hour and 30 minutes. For winter, Sam will decide weekly, which weekend day/time works best for the conditions.
  • Hammer Surf Team’s home base is Remsen Avenue, Spring Lake. This will change only if needed due to conditions or due to a special plan by Sam Hammer and all will receive advance notice if that is the case.
  • Each student will receive seasonally appropriate Hammer Surf Team merch as well as board stickers.
  • We will always plan to be in the water as much as possible however, Coach Sam Hammer will decide to do on-the-sand endurance drills (such as sprints and other exercise moves) as he sees fit to go along with weather/ocean conditions but also to help promote endurance and cross training needed for surfing.
  • We typically recommend that surfers are age 9 and older — however, please reach out with any specific age questions.
  • Sam requires a minimum of a half/8 practice commitment. It is your responsibility to attend the sessions you purchase. No refunds or transfers to a new program or for other purchases. Practice purchases expire at the end of that season’s program.


  • We will hold an open Hammer Surf Team tryout before each season so that Sam can see the skill level of each new member. Your RSVP for tryouts is required along with having an account in our system in the surfer(s)’ name. Please click SIGN UP to create one. Please email to share the surfer’s name, age and set up a tryout time.
  • Tryouts will include 15-20 minute contest-like heats of free surfing as well as a swim test.
  • Every Hammer Surf Team member should have their own equipment including a board and wetsuit. If your child has not yet transitioned to a hard board, they can complete the tryout with a foam board (yours or ours) and then one of the coaches will make a suggestion for what type of board to buy based on their height, weight and skill level. We prefer you to wait to make sure you purchase the best and right equipment.
  • For winter, surfers must feel comfortable surfing in colder NJ conditions and have proper winter surfing gear.



  • The fall team tryouts are at Remsen Ave. They already occurred but we are happy to book a makeup tryout for anyone interested. Please email to share the surfer’s name, age of who is attending; and click SIGN UP on our site to make an account if they don’t already have one. The fall program will begin the week of 9.6.20 and run for 8 weeks, ending the week of 10.25.20.
  • There will be 2 practices each week. There will be several groups and Sam Hammer will decide which team members attend which group. After tryouts, we will be emailing all Team Members which group they are in and what days/times their 2 practices per week are. If we have to cancel a practice for any reason, we will do a makeup day/time.
  • Team members must choose between a full program (all 16 sessions, 2x a week) or a half program (any 8 sessions which you may add single sessions on to if you would like once you run out of those 8). It is your responsibility to use up all of your sessions and they do not carry over to the next season. Please contact us with any questions.
  • Practices will be held on Remsen Ave in Spring Lake. Please click the box below for a Google Pin of our exact meeting point.
  • We typically recommend that surfers are age 9 and older — however, please reach out with any specific age questions. Surfers must have their own gear and board and feel comfortable paddling and riding waves solo.




Full Team Program (16 sessions)


Half Team Program (8 sessions)


Single Team Session

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