Private Lessons

A Private Surf Lesson can be booked 7 days a week at any HSS location — Spring Lake, Lavallette and Seaside Park. Booking a Private Surf Lesson allows you to get personalized instruction if you are a beginner and perfect a specific skill set if you’re a more seasoned surfer.


Private lessons are 75 minutes however we can extend that lesson time upon request. We can also accommodate any size group — private parties and groups are always welcome!



  • Private lessons are 75 minutes.
  • We provide all you need to surf — including a wetsuit and board. Please show up in a bathing suit, with a towel, sunscreen and anything else you may need. (You can leave personal items under our tent — however, do not come with anything valuable, as although we consider belongings safe, we cannot be held responsible for missing items.)
  • If you have your own board or wetsuit, you are welcome to use them.
  • At our Spring Lake and Lavallette locations, HSS student(s) as well as parents/guardians do not need a beach badge to access the beach during your 75-minute Private Surf Lesson.
  • At our Seaside Park location, HSS can provide a beach badge for the HSS student(s) plus one parent or guardian during your 75-minute Private Surf Lesson. Additional guests must purchase a daily beach badge.
  • We are located on the beach at Remsen Avenue in Spring Lake; 5th Avenue in Seaside Park; Brown Avenue in Lavallette. Click the location boxes below for a Google Map pin to open up and bring you right to us!


We book private lessons based on the tide, the ocean and weather conditions as well as your schedule and instructor availability. The reason: this ensures you will get the best surfing conditions.

We will always work with you to set the day/time you request but also maximizes your surfing time. All Private Surf Lessons are 75-minutes as we feel this provides ample surfing time. If you would like to book an extended lesson for a large group, corporate event or birthday party, we can absolutely accommodate you.

Please call us at 732.966.6430, email or click the Private Reservation tab below. Please always include the name of the student(s), their age(s), location you’d like to surf as well as any particular dates and any time restrictions you may have.



*All Private Lessons are 75 min


Private Surf Lesson for 1 Surfer with 1 Instructor

$80 per person

Private Surf Lesson for 2 Surfers with 1 Instructor

$70 per person

Private Surf Lesson for 3 or more Surfers with (3:1 instructor ratio)

$255 total

3 Private Surf Lessons for 1 Surfer

$460 total

3 Private Surf Lessons for 2 Surfers

$610 total

3 Private Surf Lessons for 3 Surfers

Private Lesson Request

Let us know who is surfing, where and when and we'll book your request asap. After filling this out, be sure to click CREATE AN ACCOUNT above to create an account in the surfer's name if they don't already have one.

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