Advanced Kids Group Surf

Transitioning from the standard Kid or Teen Group Surf  to the Advanced Kid Group Surf is a way for our more seasoned surfers, regardless of their age, to perfect their craft as well as correct bad habits and refine their wave judgment and pre-wave visualization. The goal: challenge young surfers to get out of their comfort zone and take their ability to the next level.


  • To be accepted into this class, you must meet all Advanced Kid Group Surf requirements determined by Hammer Surf School. This includes basic surfing techniques such as paddling out, standing up on your board, riding waves, etc. without instructor assistance.
  • We do suggest that your child has their own board. Many Advanced Kid Group Surf participants have a hard board, however, use their own or our foam boards. If you have not yet purchased a hard board and would like to, please come to class first so we can suggest the right measurements for your child’s height, weight and skill level.
  • Advanced registration for this class is required. Please click SIGN UP below to log into your account or create an account and book an Advanced Kid Group Surf class.
  • We have a 12-hour cancellation policy for all group classes. Which means you must log into each child’s account and press Early Cancel in their schedule to get the class back into your account prior to 12 hours before the start of the class. See FAQ for more information.
  • Please email for more information.


The Advanced Kid Group Surf class will take place three days a week during the same three-hours as our Kid Group Surf. Every Sunday we will add those 3 days to the upcoming week’s schedule. This last minute determination is so that we can choose the best water conditions possible suited for this level of surfing.  Click SIGN UP or LOG IN on our site, go to CLASSES and click your child into the upcoming week’s Advanced Kid Group Surf.




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